Medical Laundry Service

Cleanliness is vital everywhere, but nowhere more so than in a medical facility, where cleanliness is mandatory to promote sanitation and prevent the spread of illness. Disinfecting medical laundry from doctor's offices to dental clinics to hospitals, is essential for medical facilities that produce a lot of dirty laundry. From scrubs and lab coats to countless sets of bed linens, blankets, towels and hospital gowns, there are endless loads of laundry that need to be sanitized. If your medical facility needs help maintaining all the laundry, Angie's Stop and Wash can help: we offer healthcare laundry services.

Angie's Stop and Wash is committed to cleanliness, and we take great care to provide the highest quality medical linen services. We use only premium products to launder medical linens. We never use the low-cost bulk laundry detergents common in other industrial laundry services, which might not clean as well and could leave allergens behind to trouble patients with sensitive skin.

After the linens are laundered and dried, each item is folded with care or hung on a hanger, and everything is wrapped in protective plastic for delivery.

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